dimanche 28 décembre 2008

Finally christmas and new year soon!

Going to julaftensmesse, really elegant, ikke sant!

vel vel, God jul!
yes christmas is finished, three days ago. It was so much fun at ringsaker BUT i felt so far away from all this too much food and presents. In madagascar, it's not that usual to have so much for christmas, i use to spend some three days or four in the kitchen. On christmas' eve i thought so much of my mother that she can be alone in the kitchen. It was also so much presents for so few people. I know some people may do more but it's almost shocking. But it was over and we started with "ski courses", we had Sunniva as teacher yeah! It was so hard to stand steady on this sticks under my feet and it's so exhausting to push with the "stunts???", all my arms are vonte. We arrived at mesnali last sunday. It was the habitual leader meetings, planning and things like that. But it's a bit different from the other camps i've been. It's more funny and we have more activities. Like in the evening at about 10p.m, we have the samtaletid where there is given the result of the tippekupong, Eirik (one of the leaders) miming characters from the Bible, and we have "Pingu". Since yesterday, we've been skiing also. Yesterday it was funny to be on tracks but i almost cried, my fingers were too cold and i could not do something for them. I blew them to be warmer but it didn't work so i just had to continue skiing and wait for them to warm themselves. We also made a fire with Trygve, stakkars! he was with us, the worst skiers ever though he could have fun with the others. But it was funny for us, i hope it was not too hard for him to wait for us, see us falling all the time and spend so much time for a very short distance. But there is also this burnt by the cold on my skin. It scratches and it becomes black. Well we are near to end this year 2008, i hope all the bad things will stay with it and that we can have a new better year for 2009.
God jul og godt nytt år!

dimanche 14 décembre 2008

Adala be!

who is adala be? it's me and my teammate. I've just realized those last few days that we have so much fun together, her and I. It's amazing, we don't have many friends here in Oslo, we don't go to places where normal people have fun but we can have fun together thank God. Days are not long enough for us. Most of time we laugh at the stupid things we do or say. I've also realized that we almost spend all our time together except from when we sleep. But we spend almost all day long both of us, in the cold waiting busses, tricks or undergrounds. Slip-slidding on the ice in the streets of oslo. Now even, we are still together in her room, each of us doing what we do.
The most exciting i had this week was the gym club on thursday evening. Of course it's not like jogging in my country, in the fresh air without machines, but it's ok i can sweat.

Last friday, we went to Tomter in Østfold for the NMS julefest. I noticed that most of the meetings we are attending are with elder people. Most of time we are the only young people in the meeting but it's unbelievable how great are the works those old people do.
Saturday, i went back to the training senter but there was a fire, they were closed. But today, we went to a farm where they usually have traditional norwegian jule stuffs. There was so many things to see from horses
(me talking to the horse. He said i have to work hun!)
to vaffles through to vaffles through ullklær,
to lefse making
and two beautiful dogs.
and in this picture they were exactly dancing!
I also met the julenisse with peperkaker :) and we also bought juletrær og one is already pyntet now!

lundi 8 décembre 2008

Hi all, back again!

Hello everyone, as if there is someone lol!
las time was when i've been to Sjøglimt, yes long time ago but it's me. Since almost one month, many things happened. We had this NMS kveld, where we had once more to prepare food. We prepared "kitoza sy vary sosoa". Our hands had new perfume! ingerfaær med hvit løk, the best perfume ever i guess. Also we had another konfirmation camp at Mysen. We had the usual program, bli kjent and aktivitetsløype. We also met new people and we had a new friend, Marit. She's really cool and nice. Also we went to Karin's place, a friend we had at F-2. She has a lovely dog.

A week after this was the NMS julemesse. First on wednesday, we had the soup-preparing:cutting vegies. It seems like we mostly cook at NMS lol! but then added to a cross cultural communication skills, we will also have cook skills. On Thursday was the beginning of the real work: to arrange the room for the julemesse and to carry the boxes upstairs. We were not jobless for this week-end. During the julemesse, between the brochure deling, selling tombola and parting the gain, i could talk and meet many people. Some who were in Madagascar, some just norwegian who talked to me and i met Laila and Sambatra. It was a blessing because now i can feel i have a family from my country here far away from home. I also met Jorund, this funny old lady. They are all nice. I spend saturday night and sunday at Laila's place. Then on sunday afternoon, me, Sambatra and the little Simon went to Akker Brygge to see pre-christmas festivities. There was a lot to see, a lot to eat and to buy, as habitually in norway. The week was a normal routine except from the fact of trying to find a cheap gym club. But on Thursday instead of having a norwegian class, we had a practical norwegian kurs on peperkaker. It was so fun and i we also met Jack, this great Jack. He is so beautiful and big and lovely. It is Rita's dog lol!

From friday evening, i was at Stenbekk for the Biteleir. It was fun, with the julekort making, the peperkaker baking and many other activities.

vendredi 21 novembre 2008

mercredi 12 novembre 2008

Back to front lol!

Hey to all who will read this if there will be apart myself who's writing now lol!

i know i'm maybe the worst blogger ever but it's not that usual for me to open it, i even don't go on facebook.

Well i can't remember what i wrote the last time, also my blog is trikking me. I wrote something and it doesn't appear there on the board. Maybe it's because i write it in my head lol!

So since so long we've been to many things but not made friends. People are just very different from those in my country and i don't think they are used to receive strangers and less to be friends with them. We didn't make any friend at all or almost here. We've been to Mysen to visit our host families' sister and who is a youth leader there. It was the halloween day then we had "Hallo venn" a kind of secret friend but i even didn't talk to my secret friend lol. Also we slept at Solveig's place that night. I slept at five in the morning to talk to some friends on the internet and woke up at eight to catch the bus for Sarpsborg. It was so beautiful! but the beach was cold of course. I had also this movie session. We first watched "Kopps" this funny svensk film, then "a walk to remember" then i watched "Philadelphia" but i was told to not make noise because it was about midnight and the others went to bed. So i went outside to watch it. It's crazy ikke sant? but i was so captivated and i could not stop watching it. It was about minus 2 outside and i had only my pijamas, it was icy outside :-) but at least i finished watching the movie.
Then on tuesday, i was in the kindergarden. I was so happy because i was with the smaller ones. They are so cute and lovely. This was my first time to change bleier too. This was not a so big deal. Just didn't smell good but i think i can do it and i did not know that. This day i also discovered i love, i really love children. I feel passionate and captured by these small little things. Then we went back to Mysen for the konfirmation camp at Sjøglimt. It was so funny and the teens are really "familiar" with the leader. They had to write poem or songs about the leaders during the aktivitetsløpe and i never thought writing what they wrote about a priest. It was nothing bad but just a bit high on the limit.
I have to go home now it's 9.10 pm and Akebakkeskogen is still far away.

mercredi 22 octobre 2008


yestersday was a day for barnehagen. I was so glad fordi jeg cooked for lunch and happy that they enjoyed it but not in the afternoon when someone from the Røa kirke snakket med meg da jeg forstatt ingen ting!
Today, we went to shop for the Gassisk kveld for Søndag. We went to storcash and went in the freezer room for the meat. It was -0.35 degree and i had only cotton clothes on me! it was still ok but when i opened the freezer in the room, i think it was not more than -15 degree. I imagined myself during the winter.